A bit about us: Brass Taxes helps creatives & freelancers with their taxes, but we’re really about creating an honest, comfortable atmosphere for each person to actually get their questions answered. Taxes can be weird & painful. Brass Taxes focuses on communication, transparency, and education to help make this stuff less stressful and annoying.

As our clients accelerate their freelancing, performing, and contracting businesses, we’ve heard the need for bookkeeping services, in addition to our tax prep expertise. That’s where you come in. We’re looking for an individual or small firm to provide bookkeeping services under the Brass Taxes brand name to our growing portfolio of clients.

The likely scenarios for our clients are the following:

  • Comprehensive weekly or monthly bookkeeping
  • Quarterly meetings and clean up of clients books
  • Setup and consultations for training so the client may handle their own bookkeeping

We hold ourselves to the high standards below and expect the same from our partners. You’ll be interacting directly with our clients and it’s important to us that we’re aligned on what matters most


  • We’re all the same. We don’t try and compel obedience or value by acting all knowing or infallible. We don’t prey upon fear and greed to show the value or our services. Our services are valuable because we play this game a lot and are good at explaining what our clients need to know. There is no magic to what we do, we just care more about our clients than other preparers and also more than the client can calm their anxiety to care about themselves.
  • We don’t judge. We don’t care what you do as long as it is consenting adults. We don’t care about your more or less based on how much money you make or how much you pay us. (Expectation x Result) / Delivery = Client Experience. Everyone who works here sees our own failings, emotions, craziness, and weirdness and we expect and acknowledge it in others as a personal expression of a universal truth.
  • We treat clients like our friends. We are open and not only focused on getting their taxes completed, we want our clients to have less anxiety during the year also. We educate and offer choices so the client has more control over their experience. Where options exist, if we see a choice we explain it fairly and accurately, explaining the pros and cons of each position. Pros and cons of an option includes the experience of living with that choice on an experiential level.
  • Be who you want to see. The client will most likely mirror you on every level. What happened before, when you get a new interaction you can start over. If we want the client to communicate easily and be relaxed then we need to be that same way. We don't put on a smile when we are miserable and say that's the same, we don't want the client to be disingenuous so we can't. We deal with out current reality, which may be tired, hungry, or pissed off, and we can be honest about it with ourselves, and keep heading toward where we want to be, which is likely to 'communicate easily and be relaxed'.
  • Unmesswithable. If the house is on fire, you don't get into a fight about whose fault it is when you're still in the house. You need to focus on how to get out of the house. Eyes on the prize no matter what they throw at you. And no matter how you're feeling too.
  • We do our best to take care of present you and future you. We are advocates for those person across time. We acknowledge that we all make decisions based on current circumstances, but from our vantage point, we have seen the possible results of these choices that the client may not know, we explain that we understand all these impulses, and we offer pros and cons based on the current situation and long term experience. We create perspective to allow a more measured judgement that accommodates the present and future experience. We give tax advice based on what we think will give the best quality of life,not just meet the short term wants of the person we are talking to, we remember they will also be the person, later, who has to live and deal with these choices.

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